Roof areas for energy recovery

Shopping centres / stores / storage and logistic centres / carports

Lease of roof areas by operators of photovoltaic- / solar power plants are well established in Europe. You, as property owners provide roof space for the operation of solar power plants. In exchange the operator of the facility pays a rental to you.

We rent roof areas for at least 25 years.

A lease contract governs the rights and obligations during the operation period of the power plant. The registration of an easement in the Land Registry guarantees the operator the right to operate for the agreed term. The lessor has through these additional benefits. It increases the yield value and the purchase price of the property due to the secure rental income.

Positive image profit: The photovoltaic power plant on the roof stands for committed environmental culture, entrepreneurship and high technology. It symbolizes vision and responsibility for the future. Companies retain their customers through a socially responsible company philosophy.


We realise

  • Static, physical and legal analysis
  • Full consideration of your interest in the lease contract
  • Planning and implementation of the photovoltaic power plant established by our partner network
  • Lease/rental payment by the investors


We require

  • Minimum lease term of 25 years
  • Map, site plan, photographs and layout of the object
  • Registration of easement in the Land Registry
    F- Free access to the roof (already to consider the suitability and condition of the roof)
  • Allocation of space for an inverter and an electricity meter

Your advantages

  • The real estate nominal yield increases
  • The capitalized value of your property rises
  • Very safe and ecologically viable source of income
  • Long-term lease contracts
  • You are supporting the environment (Reduction of CO2)